Thanks for taking an interest in having your brand/product featured on Jessica in General! I would love to work with your brand to help find the best options for promoting your product. 

How I Will Feature Your Product:

My product reviews will contain, at a minimum, my thorough review of the product, links to your website, information on how to purchase the product,  keyword links, your social media links and any videos or images you would like added to the post.  I will gladly host a giveaway for the product on my blog to help you gain new social media followers. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the giveaway including product costs, shipping and taxes. 

What I Review:

I review a variety of products for women, men, and pets. Beauty, fashion, cooking, cleaning, tech, and appliances are some of my many favorites. Those, are simply my favorite categories and something I would definitely enjoy reviewing.   However if your product type is not listed get with me and we can discuss if it would still be a great fit!

Review Policies:

·      Product reviews are always free of charge.

·      Sponsor is responsible for ALL COSTS associated with the review including shipping, tax, cost of the                    product and other applicable fees. 

·      Sponsor will supply a full-sized, unused, non-returnable product to review.

·      Sponsor will provide any additional photos they would like added to the review.

·      Sponsor will supply social media links that you would like included in the review posting.

·       All unsolicited items will be kept or donated.

·      When sponsoring a giveaway, the sponsor is responsible for shipping, costs, and taxes related to the                    giveaway. I will not ship any prizes. I will conduct the giveaway via a Giveaway Tools, notify the winners,            collect the winners info and forward it to the sponsor.  Any products shipped to me for the giveaway will            be forfeited.

·      All reviews will be posted within 30 days of product receipt. Once I receive your product, I will use the                product, test it out, and write a thorough review. If you have a specific time frame or date that you would            like us to post your review, please make arrangements with us before shipping the product to insure that            we can meet your campaign needs.


If you would like to have your product featured on with a giveaway but no review, please contact me via with information about your product and I will set up a giveaway to feature your product!