So I started this weight loss journey page here to help me be more accountable and keep up with my journey as I go.

This is the picture that truly made me cringe and no it wasn't because Freddy was standing there beside me.  This was taken April 4, 2014.  I still look the same but it was one of the last times I let anyone take a full length picture of me because of my weight.  You would think that would be enough to get me to change my ways, but sadly it was not.

Fast forward to November 11th, 2016, my wedding day.  I was so uncomfortable with my size it kept me from being able to have as much fun as I would have liked.  I started following a Keto eating plan and fell in love with it!  For 2 months I did really well I only cheated on my honeymoon for 2 desserts and had no problem picking it right back up.

With January 2017 came a stall in weight loss.  I was doing everything I had been but wasn't losing anything.  I decided it was time to add some exercise in.  I joined Lifetime Fitness and their #TEAMweightloss group and have started seeing results once again.  So now you are caught up!  

  • Height: 5ft 4
  • Starting weight: 244
  • Current weight: 219
  • Total loss: 26 pounds
  • 10% of starting weight lost



Lose 20lbs- 1/5/2016

Lose 10%- 1/10/2016

Lose 40lbs- 

Under 200- 

Lose 50lbs- 

Lose 15%- 

Lose 60lbs-

Lose 70lbs-

Lose 30%-

Lose 80lbs-



Keep going?



Non Scale Victories

Run 1 Mile 

Run a 5k

Run a 10k

Run the Color Run 5k

Plank for 1 minute - 1-30-17

Do 5+ Burpees without stopping

Do normal pushups (more than 5)

Fit into a Size 14

Do a whole kickboxing class without stopping

Wear a tank top around people I know

Buy a pair of non plus jeans