Where in the World

So like I said last week there are so many different places I would love to go, both in the US and internationally.  I thought I would start this week talking about one place that I have always been in love with, but have never had a chance to go... yet.

Great Britain

is such a diverse country with huge cities and quaint English cottages strewn throughout the country side.  There are gorgeous buildings and history everywhere you turn.  The atmosphere there just seems to be so unique depending on what part of Britain you are in.  Plus because the country is so small in comparison to the United States it is easy to explore other surrounding countries without it taking such a long time.  In comparison of land mass, Texas is bigger than Britain, Scotland, and Ireland combined.  

I absolutely love the people and the culture.So many of my favorite shows, movies, and music come from this great country.  Some of my favorite are:

A lot of my favorites are either pretty old or are old but still running.  Downton Abbey is the exception, but it combines two of my favorite subjects together, the early 1900's and Britain.  How could I not watch it!  Music wise one of my favorite singers right now, Ed Sheeran, is from Britain!

Over the years I have had a chance to meet many Brits and let me tell you, if I could trade my house here in the US with them I would.  It's not so much that things are better over there, they are just different.  Life travels at a different speed.  In Britain people take time to have tea with each other to talk and check up on a regular basis.

My mother attended a summer program at The Queen's College when she was in high school.  I grew up seeing all the pretty bobbles she brought home and pictures she took while she was there.  It gave me a desire to go as well.  One day I will make it across that great big sea and see it with my own eyes.  Until then I can keep dreaming about what it will be like to just explore every nook and cranny! 

So Lovelies, if you could go anywhere, where would it be?  Comment down below I would love to hear where you are dreaming about...