So I don't wear make-up on a regular basis.  I sometimes wish I did.  I have been told by other women how they don't see why I wouldn't want to wear it because of the wonders it does for a persons looks.  I know it makes me look more put together and all other kinds of good things, but it is just so aggravating.  And I don't mean the time it takes to put it on.  I have really sensitive skin and it has taken me many many years to find products that don't make me completely miserable. A bit more about that later.

Growing up I wasn't allowed to wear makeup.  My grandmother raised me and believed that wearing makeup caused people to have bad skin.  So to keep me from having to deal with the dreaded face demons I was forbidden from wearing makeup.  I did sneak and put some on at times, but I definitely know that's where my hate of the makeup routine began for me. 

Like I said before, most makeups are so irritating to my face that within the first hour I have to rub my face to quell the itching. However after the scratch fest my face just looks like a blotchy mess.  I have found that if I use the Tarte Maracuja Oil as a moisturizer and then top it off with the Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation in fair light honey it doesn't make my face itch at all.  The rest of my makeup routine is pretty basic: blush, bronzer, eye shadow, liner, and mascara


So to all my lovelies do what makes you comfortable.  Make-up or not you are beautiful.