The Beginner's Guide to Being a Nerd

One of the first words I use to describe myself is nerdy.  I am obsessed with many subjects that others see as a bit obsessive and peculiar.  I collect pop vinyl figures, watch superhero movies, and absolutely love my lightsaber and wand I own.  Others may see some of this as childish, and I would agree.  I would also say that being a nerd has made me a much better person over the years.  It has taught me the opinions that really count, and to never think less of myself if I happen to like things other than what the average adult does.

Being a nerd is not hard and does not mean the same thing to ever person.  I have a friend that is a self-proclaimed planner nerd.  She is obsessed with being organized and decorating her planner.  Another friend is a book nerd.  She has a room full of books and they are all what Gollum would call her "precious".   There is no set topic of what you can be a nerd about.  It all depends on what you feel very strongly attached to and get excited about in your life.

Being a nerd opens you up to not care what others think about you.  You can love what you want to love without any regrets because it is a part of who you are.  I find this to make my life a whole lot more simple.  For many years I tried to dull down my nerdy ways, and it was horrible.  I missed many opportunities to interact with some awesome people.  Also I still have an empty spot on my book shelf where a signed Anne Rice book should be because I thought driving to get her autograph was "too" much.  I regret that.

Since I have let myself be who I truly am I have managed to meet a lot of people I admire as well.  I have literally ran smack dab into William Shatner at a hotel where a convention was being held, as well as being told my harry potter  tattoo was awesome by Stan Lee as he was on his way to a panel.  I will never forget those moments.

The point of this is to encourage everyone to be themselves.  It doesn't matter what others might think of you.  They don't live in your skin.  Do what you love for you.  When you let yourself become the person you know you to be it will radiate into every aspect of your life and make you so much happier.

So I want to know about what you are a nerd for.  Maybe blogging, or even cooking, let me know in the comments below!