Snow Days

So last night sexy nerd was on the till time to go to bed because there was a huge front that was coming through and was supposed to bring us snow.  Here in Tennessee if we get enough snow to lightly dust the ground it is a cause for all real life to stop.  Everyone forgets how to drive, schools are out for days, and forget about finding bread or milk in a grocery store.  Well as fate would have it, we actually got some snow this time.  Actually more than I have seen in quite some time.  Let me go on and say, I hate snow.  I think it is beautiful and love to see people out and about in it, but I am a klutz.  I don't like to fall and 90% of the time that's what happens.

Waking up this morning and looking out and seeing all the white made me feel like a little kid.  It was so pretty and just perfect.  Living on the trolley line here, we get to see the snow on the street without cars driving over it.  Except on the cross sections.  Matt works in the computer science field so he is lucky enough to not have to go into work when it's yucky.  So we hung out and watched The Office all day on Netflix while he worked, and then he surprised me by taking me to Maggie Moo's.  It's never too cold for ice cream.  So all in all it's been a great day, even if it was cold and snowy.  Hope all you lovelies had an awesome day as well!

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