Oh what a evil web we weave

Today I was thinking about the show House of Cards.  Sexy Nerd and I have been watching the first season this past week and I have gotten very much into it.  There is something about a show that mixes a lot of scandal into real world situations.  It gets me thinking about what life is really like up there in Washington DC.

I have never been one to be highly involved in politics.  The whole ideology behind them confuses me.  I have on occasion lobbied at state level about laws being passed that directly correlated to the clients served by social workers in Tennessee.  That part has always excited me.  I guess being involved in social work has lead me to want to advocate for those around me that are being over looked by those in power.

As I said in another post I get very attached to characters and this show was no different.  There are many key players in House of Cards and each have their own role they play in the show.  One thing I really enjoyed was that even the most loyal have their way of flipping.  It's really hard to describe this show as well as I would like without giving too much away about the plot.  Just know that if you like drama and scandal you might want to check out this Netflix original.  There are three seasons available at the moment and there is no doubt in my mind that the other two are just as good as the first.