My 2015 Wishlist

So I was playing around on Polyvore last night and thought, hey let me share a little wishlist with my lovelies.  This year has been the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  I'm no longer a student anymore, I'm living in a new city, and I have a wonderful boyfriend.  This caused me to have a bit of a meltdown.  I'm an adult!  Like a real life, got to get a paying job adult.  I can't just focus on buying DVD's and technology now.  There is a house to furnish and a future job to dress for.  I shudder now thinking about it.  I have many childish aspects to me, and it breaks my heart to ever think of growing up completely.  *Sigh* Anyways, on to the list:

Ray Bans- I love the way these glasses fit.  They are not to big but not to small like some other plastic frames I have tried on before.

Kate Spade Satchel- This is my dream bag.  I know till I finally find a good job I will just have to lust after it from afar, but gosh just look at that color!

Rose Gold Watch-  Every lady needs a classy watch.

Make-up Vanity- I don't wear a lot of make-up unless it's a special occasion.  I think that if I had a nice/organized place to play around with different looks I would be more likely to put it on.

Book Candles- This is the best combination every thought of.  They take different themes from in the books and put them into one candle!

Skull Housewares- I love anything unusual and a bit creepy, and what better than a dinosaur skull reproduction!

Canopy bed- I want to wrap fairy lights around that frame and just lay in bed with a book and a cup of tea.  Ah it makes me more relaxed just thinking about it.

Colorful Hair- I know it is going to sound crazy, but I have never felt myself with my natural color hair.  There for a couple of years I had all different colors from pink to teal in my hair, but after I graduated I was pressed by family members to dye it brown.  I hope one day I can find a place that will allow me to at least have a stripe of a fun color.

And Anything Cats, Dr. Who, or Skulls-  I love anything for the house or my feet that have anything to do with those three things.  And, that tea pot is to die for!