I'm a Big Kid Now

 I have been applying and interviewing for jobs for almost a year now and have had 0% luck up.   Needless to say I have become very jaded and cynical when talking about jobs to others.  So many of my classmates graduated with jobs already lined up.  Not me.  I have applied for over 100 jobs and interviewed or have gotten calls on maybe 10.  I know the economy is rough and people just don't need as many employees to sap their profits, but dang it, momma needs her car payment money.

So like I said in Friday's post,  I had an interview today!  Technically I had two.  I was called last week and was scheduled to do a phone interview this afternoon.  Yesterday I got a phone call asking if I would be interested in applying and interviewing for a completely different company this morning.  Of course I said yes.

So last night I started trying on interview clothes and had a nervous breakdown.  I always wear the same thing, a grey dress, cardigan, black tights, and a black pair of heels.  I decided I would try something new and put together an outfit with pants and a blouse.  Just NO!  I think people look so polished and put together in pants, I on the other hand just don't know how to make it work.  I am fashion challenged.  So after tears and a promise of fun, Sexy Nerd and I headed to Wal Mart to buy me tights at 11PM at night.

So I thought I would talk a little today about being confident yet comfortable.  If you don't feel your best, you won't do your best.  This is one of the first things I learned when I started interviewing.  I would wear what everyone said would make the best impression, black pants, plain blouse, and a blazer.  It just wasn't me.  I have a weird body shape and pants don't fit me correctly.  Dress pants are even worse.  So the first place I ever interviewed I was so worried about how I looked I wasn't able to be myself and come off the confident person I truly am.

So yes there are rules about dressing for interviews stick with tasteful cuts, not low v's or crop tops ladies and nothing more than and inch or so above the knees.  You're interviewing for a job not auditioning to be a Showgirl, and if you are then know your dress code for that as well!

Below are my interview make-up must haves and an example of my go to outfit.

sexy morning face
ready to be a working woman

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