Gotta have friends

Today I was thinking about my friends.  I have never been one to have a large amount of friends, acquaintances yes, but true friends I only claim a handful.  These are the people I know I can go to when something is going on, and I know they will tell me what it is I need to hear even if they know I may not want to hear it.

When I was younger I always thought being the most popular was important.  Having a large group of friends meant you were nice, supportive, and generally enjoyable to be around.  As I have gotten older I found out that a large group means drama.  There will always be those that hang out with you for the wrong reasons.  They will try to use you for the things you can give them.  This may not always be material things these "friends" could also use you for time, care, and networking.

I think the more time you take to cultivate your friendships and grow them the better they will be.  Most of the time the people you meet will not just automagically become your bestie.  These relationships need time to bloom.  Wow that was a lot of gardening analogies!

So look at those you surround yourself with and see how is helping you get to were you want to be and who is holding you back.