Don't let Life get You Down.


So I thought I would talk a little about disappointment.  There are so many situations in our lives that we get disappointment about.  I know at least with me there have been so many things through my life that have brought me down a bit.

So to share a bit about me, when I was younger I was a bit of a wild child.  I got into trouble a lot because of horrible choices I made.  I was in a really bad state of mind as a teen due to family situations I was going through and not taking care of myself the way I should (more on that at a later time).  

I have such a hard time finding a job because of the choices I made.  I have been offered jobs and then denied them due to my past.  It is so hard to deal with the rejection time after time.  After a while I have really become jaded and honestly scared to put myself out there to be judged once again.  Yet I know to get where I want to be in my life I will have to fight through the anxiety and other nastiness that comes from that rejection.  

I know that I have grown so much since that time in my life.  I am not a bad person, even if I did make bad decisions.  I have gotten not only my Bachelors, but also my Master's in Social Work.  I worked my butt off to be 1 of 4 in my Master's program to receive a 4.0 GPA.    All I have ever wanted to do was help people going through difficult times in their lives and keep others from going down the same road as me.  

I think one of the biggest things that needs to be done in our country is helping those that have a background be able to find satisfying employment.  There are so many people out there that go back to what they did while they getting into trouble because it is all they can do to make a "living". I think that for people that have proven they are rehabilitated citizens should have help finding employment suited to their skills.  This is something that is not only a cause very close to my heart, but also effects so many others in our country.  According to a study conducted by The Urban Institute only 41% of those with felonies have legal employment.  Others are supported by family, government services, and illegal activities.  Wouldn't it be better if those people had jobs that they could rely on and become good citizens?   

So I'll step off my soapbox now and just leave you with this,
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” 

― Dr. SeussThe Lorax