Body Scrub Review

So it's time for another review.  I am a sucker for bath products and after I did the last review for goPure Naturals Adovia I was super excited when they reached out to me about another product to try and review!

The latest product they sent me is their Exfoliating Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt and Natural Oils.  I was really excited about this because I am such a huge fan of body scrubs.  

The Product:

goPURE Naturals was started by Erin Keyan who after becoming a mother was shocked to discover how many products contain toxic and dangerous chemical ingredients. She formulated goPURE Naturals with the goal of developing a brand that women can trust to contain only the purest and natural ingredients, while making them look and feel their best.

THE SEA SALT BODY SCRUB: Made with Real Dead Sea Salt - 100% Pure and Genuine for an infusion of 21 Minerals Essential to Proper Skin Function. Great Exfoliator and Moisturizer.

THE BENEFITS: Fine Grain Dead Sea Salts Exfoliate the Top Layer of Dead Skin Cells to Reveal a New Younger Looking Layer of Radiant Skin. Deeply Moisturizing Oils Infuse Skin With Luxurious Hydration that Lasts All Day

Works Great in The Shower or Bath - Also a Great Hand Exfoliator to use in the Sink or Foot Scrub

What I Thought:

So I was kind of on the fence about this product to begin with.  I have things I really like about it and other things that were just so so.


  • The Consistency-  I really like how well the oil and salt mixed together to make a paste.  With a few shakes of the container I was able to make everything mix together to be able to use it.  
  • The Color-  This product is the most beautiful blue color I have ever seen.  It is such a natural looking blue and really reminded me of the ocean.
  • The Feel of My Skin After Use-  I can not say anything, but WOW.  This stuff left my skin feeling amazing.  I have used a lot of scrubs in my life and this one may be my favorite yet! I have found that a lot of scrubs are too harsh for my sensitive skin, but this one was effective yet gentle at the same time.  I was very impressed.


  • The Consistency-  Although it is very easy to mix the oil and salt also separates very quickly.  So standing in the shower and trying to mix and then apply while wet does make things a bit difficult.
  • The Ease of Use-   If you have a normal shower/tub with little to no storage like I do this stuff is hard to use.  You get a lot of product so the jar is big and I had no where safe to sit it while in the shower.  Also seeing it is made of oil and salt it gets very slippery when wet.  I am a klutz and was very scared I was going to drop it.
  • The Smell-  If you have any aversions to strong smells this product is not for you.  The scrub has a very strong perfume smell to it.  It is not a bad odor just very strong.  I have to admit I was a bit off put at first.  I will add that after I used the product and then washed with my normal body wash it smelled quite nice.  You just have to get past that first sniff!

I honestly really like this product even though it may be a little hard to use.  I think eventually I will find a easy way to use it.  So if you are looking for a new scrub you should really look at getting this one.  

So below I will link the brand's amazon store and I will also be adding this product to my amazon store.  If you like what you see you can check it out there.

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub 

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