Let's Talk About Hair

So today I have been feeling super girly and thought I would do a post on hair.  I have a love hate relationship with hair due to having crazy curly/frizzy/damaged/fine/hair loss from PCOS hair.  I'm pretty sure I could come up with a bunch more adjectives, but I think I will leave it at that.  On the opposite side of the hair coin, I absolutely love a good head of hair.  I love playing with it and doing fun things with it.  When I was younger I had really thick curly hair and it was gorgeous. 

So with Summer quickly approaching I thought I would talk a bit about trends and what I am absolutely loving right now, because we all know how much my opinion counts!


  1. The Shag-  For those that don't want to lose the length but still want a sassy easy hair style.  I love this cut simply because it is so easy.  I mean it is literally a wash and go haircut.

  2. The Lob-  This is pretty much what I am rocking at the moment.  The long bob works really well for us curly girls, especially when the hairstylist does the layering correctly.

  3. The Pixi-  Just a simple pixi.  I'm pretty sure this haircut is timeless.  Not everyone can pull it off, but those that can look amazing when they do!

  4. The Most Awesome Haircut Known to Man-  I do not know what people call this cut, but if I had the face shape/hair to pull this off it would be the only haircut I would have.  There is just something about this cut that made me fall in love with it.  


  1. Escallie AKA. Tortoise Shell- Gorgeous brunette, caramel, and golden shades make this the perfect trend to turn to when you want a multidimensional look.  I mean from every angle this color looks different, in a good way. 

  2. Baby Lights- This color is supposed to mimic the highlights you get when you are a kid and playing in the sun.  It's really flattering and a way to make your hair stand out without doing  anything drastic.

  3. Colorful Hair-  This will always be one of my favorite trends, and I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon.

  4. Monotoned-  Solid colors are also a trend for this summer.   I think people are going back to wanting their "natural" look.  When this color is done right it can make your skin glow without having to look like you spend a ton on getting your hair done.

So I am by no means a hair expert, I just know what styles and colors I like.  Comment down below lovelies what you favorite trends are for 2015

Have a great rest of the week!

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