Here Come the Swimsuits

So as I was perusing blogs today I came across multiple ones that were talking about swimwear.  So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon, and share a couple of my favorites for this year plus a few tips and tricks on how I find the best swimsuit for me.

I have a hard body type to fit, the dreaded inverted triangle.  I have broad shoulders and hardly any hips/no booty.  So usually I have to go up a size to make a swimsuit fit me better.  This causes me more problems because as the size increases so does the torso length.  There is nothing worse than having the cutest swimsuit and worrying if your naughty bits are going to be on display for everyone around you to see.




Recently a new trend has hit the plus size swimwear market, and I don't know yet if I can really back it.  It's called the "Fatkini".  Yes I know they have been around for many years, but it seems like for the last couple of years they have become what everyone is talking about.  The problem I have with them is not how they are made or how they look, but how they are marketed.  I don't think that you should have to rename a swimsuit because you make it bigger.  A bikini is a bikini.  Yes, there is more fabric than your normal bikini, but I don't understand why it is marketed the way it is.  The thing that causes me the most distress is the fact that plus size women have coined the phrase "fatkini" for these swimsuits.   Now I am not one be offended by every little thing.  I just don't think that we should have to rename a swimsuit to make it more acceptable for bigger ladies to wear a 2 piece.  Ok, rant over, I just thought I would insert my opinion in here! 

2015 Swimwear Favorites

One Piece

Two Piece

Swim Dress

All swimsuits are linked to their appropriate site so that you can click and go directly to the suit if you want to see all the details.


  • Make sure you are comfortable in the suit you decide on.  There is nothing worse than having a cute suit that you are scared to have fun in.
  • Use the bathing suit to make your body look like you want it to.  There are so many different styles and cuts that help hide the areas you are uncomfortable showing.  
  • Just because society says you have to be a certain size to wear a bikini does not make it so.  Find an awesome suit you love and that makes you happy... WEAR IT!
  • Take pictures, both front and back in the dressing room to see how the suit lays.  We have a totally different perception when we look at ourselves directly in a mirror.
  • Last but not least,  just because a suit does not fit does not mean that you are not built right.  It just means that particular suit is not the one for you.  Don't get discouraged.

You Are Beautiful My Lovelies!