Sleepy Time

So, I have trouble getting to sleep, lovely anxiety.  It seems as though whenever I lay down and try to sleep my mind goes into overdrive and thinks it is time to think about any and everything possible all at once.  So most nights I lay down at 11pm and end up asleep around 12:30 or 1 am. It gets really annoying when I have something I need to do the next day and need to feel nice and rested.

The Product:

So I was contacted by the company called Vita Sciences about trying their Maxabsorb Melatonin Cream.  Vita Sciences is a New York-based company. They were founded in 2004 by a team of experts dedicated to producing high quality natural supplements formulated to support health. Vita Sciences values are guided by a commitment to incorporating innovative scientific research in formulating exceptional natural products.

Now I have used Melatonin in the past and it has worked decently, but I was really excited about trying this cream that Vita Sciences makes.  According to the information sent with the product it will help decrease the time needed to fall asleep; increase sleepiness; increase sleep duration, and is infused with antioxidants and moisturizers.  I really like the fact that it isn't greasy going on.   

So according to the company:

Maxasorb Melatonin is scientifically formulated to topically delivery Melatonin. Each measured dose of Maxasorb Melatonin lotion from our airless dispenser delivers 3 milligrams of melatonin with a full press of the pump. Natural ingredients assure this lotion is gentle to your skin. Melatonin is the hormone that controls daily day-night cycles of sleep. Some sleep disorders, such as insomnia and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS), are attributed to low melatonin levels. Travelers suffering from jet lag and swing shift workers may also benefit from supplemented melatonin. As we age our bodies do not make sufficient melatonin. 

My Opinion:

So after using this product for a couple of nights I have started seeing a little difference in my sleep patterns.  I use the FitBit and app to track my sleeping every night and thought it would help me judge better how this product was working for me.  The nights I have used this product I have indeed went to sleep quicker and woke up feeling better.  So when I looked at my FitBit readings it also showed I wasn't tossing and turning as much during the night, which is always a plus.  

So for me even though I haven't been using it for a long period of time I have really liked the results I have seen so far.  If I continue sleeping as well as I have been I will definitely be repurchasing this product in the future.  One of the things I really like about this product is that it doesn't use drugs to make you sleep like some other formulas.  It's also hypoallergenic, yay no itchiness from chemicals!

So if you are having trouble sleeping I highly recommend this product.  I really think that the company has taken time to make this product work the way it was intended and make the formula feel great on the skin. 

Vita Sciences also makes a lot of other great products that you should also check out at 

Click the product name to go directly to their website!   Maxabsorb Melatonin Cream

**I received these products complimentary for testing purposes, but my opinion is my own and true.