April PopSugar #MustHaveBox

So, one of my favorite things is opening the mailbox to see something other than a bill laying there!  When I came home this afternoon from my trip to my old house I found April's PopSugar box waiting for me.  

PopSugar is a Life+Style subscription box, it's $35.99/month.  I think it is worth every penny of the cost.  There has never been a box I just hated, even if there were items I was not thrilled about.  Everything that is included in the box is high quality and would make awesome gifts if you personally couldn't use the item.

I did a little detective work this month on the items I received to see if any were marked up on the price list with the box.  I went to amazon because they have everything there!  Everything was either the same or higher on Amazon.  This made me happy because I have seen in the past where boxes will way overshoot the prices of items.

This month there was so many adorable things.  According to the insert this month was inspired by: Spring Showers, Farmers Markets, Outdoor Fun, Fresh Produce and Simplicity.  Included was a fruity candle, some awesome organic floral body serum, a cute polka dot umbrella, a handy condensable market tote, basil you can grow in its own bag, and last but not least a $25 gift card.  I adored this box and can not wait to see what's in next months! 

I've added everything I received in the box that is available on Amazon to my Amazon store.  If you see anything you just have to have check it out there, I'll link to it below.

So lovelies, what item do you think is the best?  Does anyone else have a favorite subscription box or a suggestions for other ones to try?  

Hope you have all had an amazing weekend!

***I buy every subscription box I review and all opinions are my own!