Nerd Alert

So last week was San Diego Comic Con.  SDCC is largest Comic Con in the world and is host to the best of the best in the nerd world.  Although I have been to a few conventions, this would be my holy grail.  SDCC is three whole days of geeking out with like minded people, seeing the celebs you have grown to love, and buying lots of SDCC exclusive merch!  Oh the merchandise!  How I wish I could have gotten my hands on some of the SDCC exclusive PoP's.  One day I would love to make my way all the way across the US to attend, but for now I just have to sit here in Memphis and watch all the action from my computer screen.

This year's panel line-up was on point.  There were celebrities of all sorts:  artists, creators, and actors.

Stan Lee and his Super Heros 

Game of Throne's actors take a selfie

Batman taking a nap on Superman

Oh and we can not forget the amazing cosplayers!

TMNT Master Splinter

Transformer's BumbleBee

Charlie's Wookies

Gender Bent Joker *my favorite*

Kill La Kill's Matoi Ryuko

Blizzard was also there for World of Warcraft's upcoming movie.  Let's just say they brought out the big props this year!

Orgrim Doomhammer Statue

Last but certainly not least was the leaked Suicide Squad trailer that came from the con.  I have been waiting for this to come out for at least a year and finally I have my preview, and it did not disappoint!